Friendly reporting Dashboard
To Control, Manage and Report

Manage your
Team Metrics

Make business decisions based in Code-inspector data Get all your team Code Violations, Duplicates, Long functions and Complex functions in one place

Full USER management control

Enables you to easily access, manage Unlimited Admins, Users and Participants to your needs

Track Performance, Group by Rooms

In Rooms can invite a group of participants and get the Code-inspector data in one place Create many Rooms and invite Participants as you want

Get richer insights, Consolidated Results

Get each Participant results from Code-inspector. Code Analysis, Technical Debt Analysis and Automated Code Reviews

Enjoy the Edu-inspector experience

Software Molecule Created

Lab Scientists

David Alzate² 👽

Software Developer
+ Industrial engineer
I’m currently learning how to enter the matrix

Victor Plaza 🤓

Software developer with experience in Linux, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Knowledge in Vue Js, React js, Hooks, NodeJs.

Mauricio Sierra 😎

Software developer with experience in Relational and Non relational Databases, Web Servers and Web Design both FrontEnd and BackEnd.

Burger 🍔

I'm a bug chaser, i love to found bugs and play with them.

Thanks for giving me your cookies

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  • Code Analysis with historical analysis
  • Technical Debt Analysis
  • Automated Code Reviews
  • Integration with multiple platforms
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